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The classification of the ribbon

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1) according to the material points:
Nylon / polyester /PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / silver onions / Spandex / light silk and rayon
Distinguish between nylon and PP ribbon: General nylon webbing is weaving after the first dye, so cut open after the yarn color because of uneven dyeing will pan white the yarn color, while the PP ribbon for first dyeing and weaving, so there won't be a yarn into white phenomenon; in contrast with PP light nylon webbing webbing Ze and soft; through the chemical reaction of combustion can be divided; the general price to be higher than that of PP nylon webbing webbing.
More special-ribbon is soft, and dull
Acrylic ribbon Trinidad and cotton constitutes by two kinds of materials
Cotton belt prices generally higher.
2) according to the weaving method:
Plain weave, twill, satin and miscellaneous stria three categories. (the plain / small corrugated / twill / security Ribbon / pit / bead patterns / jacquard PP ribbon by their yarn thickness can be divided into 900D/1200D/1600D; at the same time, we should pay attention to the ribbon thickness, thickness also determine its price and toughness.)
3) by the use of nature:
Clothing, shoes, bags webbing webbing webbing, webbing, other special safety class ribbon etc..
4) according to the ribbon itself characteristics:
Elastic webbing and rigid ribbon (non elastic webbing) two.
5) according to the process:
Mainly for woven and knitted with two major categories. Ribbon, especially jacquard ribbon, and cloth standard process is similar, but the standard cloth warp is fixed, the expression pattern by weft; and ribbon basic weft is fixed, the expression pattern is composed of warp, use a small machine, each version, threading and adjust the production machine may have to spend a long time, and efficiency is not high. But can produce many kinds of products, see things in a blur, not like the standard cloth that always the kind of face. The main function of ribbon is decorative, there is functional. Such as popular mobile phone sling. After the tape woven, can screen a variety of text / pattern, general than directly to the text pattern appeared to be cheaper.
Woven belt consists of non-woven and woven with two major categories. Currently on the market without woven belt compared with woven belt use more common.
6) according to the characteristics of:
A/ elastic tape: hook side / wire elastic band / twill elastic band / towel elastic band / Neumann's elastic band / lycra elastic band / non-skid elastic band / put the word jacquard elastic tape
B/ rope: circular elastic rope / pin, PP, low elasticity, acrylic, cotton, hemp and so
C/ knitted belt: because of the special structure, a transverse (dimension) elastic, mainly used for knitting with piping
D/ alphabet: polypropylene material, mentioning the word letter, letter, letter of bilateral round rope
E/ herringbone tape: transparent shoulder straps, tape, tape
F/ suitcase: PP belt, nylon webbing, cotton belt, with artificial silk, acrylic ribbon, jacquard ribbon...
G/ velvet ribbon: elastic velvet belt, velvet belt
H/ various cotton lace, lace
T/ suede belt: velvet belt using velvet material, band inlaid with a thin layer of hair
M/ printing: tailored with various patterns in the tape.
P/ has an ear: suitable for ladies skirt ribbon (lug), sweater shirt and collar, cuffs and so.
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