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The development of the ribbon

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Woven fabric (woven)
Interlacing. And after twisting yarn warping made of cheese (Pan), weft pirns dices, webbing loom. In 30, for the hand loom weaving loom, hophornbeam wood. In the early 60, modified to 1511 loom textile machine, is still widely used. The band width is small, the weaving is not the same, there are single, double, dozens of unequal, a single, also have double.
In 1967, the industry woven belt team not to workers as the main body, successfully design, manufacture high speed single non-woven machine, realize the ribbon without shuttle, and the procedure is shortened, covers an area of small, labor productivity, is the technology innovation in the history of Chinese ribbon.
In 70, due to continuous dyeing ironing machine tape, colored tape processing, the traditional process by first dyed fabric, the development of the first fabric after dyeing, weaving after the first bleaching, ironing continuous post-treatment, ribbon technology to enter the ranks of mechanization production. At the beginning of the 80's, industry to introduce, Italy, Swiss Federal Germany high-speed shuttleless machines, ironing machine, wrapped yarn machine, warping machine, weaving technology into a new stage of development.
Ribbon technology progress, bring about the upgrading of products. In 1979, the first generation of the SD9 - 9 type rubber spindles with successful trial production, the rubber tape end dependence on imported products of history. In 1980, and developed a SD - 81A, B type rubber tape, with soft, light, thin, solid, small elongation, impact force is small, short and flat characteristics of joints. In early 1990, for Santana car safety belt successfully. After more than two years of investigation, trial organization, product quality has reached the qc49-92 and tl-vw470 standard.
Weaving (spun fabric)
The yarn tube, main and collateral channels volume form parallel tube-wai, inserted in the fixed gear seat knitting machine, yarn tube to move along the 8 track rotation, to intersect knitting yarn traction. Usually the ingot is an even number, woven ribbon for the tubular, spindle number is odd, woven ribbon for the flat sheet. Spun fabric technology has been applied in old China, spindle number because of different equipment, generally 9 ~ 100 ingot range, the basic process for dyeing - weaving: pirn - weaving - down machine cut - packaging. The beginning of 1960, many innovations on the weaving machine, mainly has the peach plate diameter enlargement, the installation of automatic parking device off the rubber band, ingot to nylon spindle. These devices are improved, so the speed increased to 160 ~ 190 rpm, the rate is doubled, the product quality is improved.
Not only can weave ribbon, also woven rope. Tubular belt is a braided rope, diameter of 1 ~ 4 mm said rope or wire diameter greater than 4 mm, also known as rope diameter greater than 40 mm, commonly referred to as cable or cable. In 1989, the industry introduced Japanese eight strands of the cable production line equipment, to produce the following year polypropylene eight strands of the cable, the product won the national silver medal.
In 70, warp knitting, knitting technology, has been widely used in weaving. In 1973, a successful trial knitting nylon elastic band. In 1982, Italy was introduced crochet machine, advanced technology, wide variety of production, especially suitable for thin decorative fabric, such as lace, elastic belt, window screening, decorative belt. The basic process is: the dyeing - winding - weaving - ironing and packing.
70 years ago, tube with a flat loom weaving fire hose, tube diameter size of large deformation, low yield. The second half of 1974, industry organizations tube weaving development team, according to the principle of knitted, woven with warp and weft, relying on knitting yarn in the knitting process, using cylindrical ring yarn and settlement of arc, will not be interwoven warp and weft connected into a whole, and become the warp-weft insertion of tubular knitted fabric, the level of production technology products, plastic pipe and high-pressure fire hose is among the highest in the country.
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