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Ribbon material

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Polyester (PET):
1, strength wear-resistant.
, Absorbent and moisture regain of 0.4% (20 ° C, relative humidity of 65%, the 100g polyester absorbent 0.4g).
3, prone to static electricity, easy to pilling.
4, acid and alkali. Note: a certain concentration of base to destroy the polyester surface at a certain temperature so that the fabric feel soft.
5, corrosion resistance, lightfastness is better.
Woven fabric of polyester fiber made easy to wrinkle, good dimensional stability, quick-drying washable.
Polyester Spinning:
FDY (filament): single fiber parallel smooth evenly divided big bright light, half light extinction brightness, increasingly weak.
2, of DTY (bombs silk): single fiber bending, low telescopic, fluffy, is shown in Fig.
DTY filament network (the INTERLACED wire): stage a point network of cluster capacity was increased between the fibers (sub no net, light net, net, heavy mesh, heavy network for free pulp silk).
Under normal circumstances, FDY and DTY must sizing or twisting to get ready for the warp.
Sizing: increasing the thread too strong; may cohesion between the fibers; fiber surface is smooth, easy to weaving.
The twist: a strong increase; increase too cohesion between the fibers; fabric has a crepe effect.
Of twist: (T) in centimeters silk twist count.
0-10 T / CM weak twist
10-20 T / CM in twist
20 T / CM Overtwisted
POY (pre-oriented yarn): extensible non-resilient, not alone do warp or weft other silk composite, elongation 1.6 times the POY of INTERLACED wire semi-finished products. Typical fabrics: Washed.
5, ATY (Air textured yarn): the surface is not smooth, terry. The typical fabric: tower velvet
6, polyester staple fiber: a short fiber axially twisting made.
The 7, polyester slub yarn: filament and DTY twisting from slow elater.
8, high elater: highly scalable, high fluffy.
9, polyester cation yarn: ordinary polyester yarn color effects, easily dyed, bright color.
Polyamide (PA) or nylon NYLON (N):
1, strong and very good, even more than the steel wire of the same fineness.
2, very good wear resistance, more than other textile fibers, suitable for sportswear, socks, parachutes, ropes.
3, water absorption is poor, 4% moisture regain, easy-static, pilling, pilling.
4, alkali acid, 37.5% hydrochloric acid can dissolve.
5, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, poor lightfastness heat resistance, strength decreased long time sun yellowed.
6, nylon clothing system is easily deformed, easy wrinkling.
Spinning in the form: mainly FDY, ATY.
Polyurethane (PU):
Properties: elongation of 500-800%, lower intensity, sweat-resistant, resistant to salt water, acid and alkali resistance alone can not do the latitude and longitude lines, must be conducted with other filament yarn coated.
The spandex clad mainly in the form of: empty packet (obviously saw spandex); Pack (Spandex is wrapped inside)
The island composite wire: mixed fiber composite yarn and being made. By Hai Daosi and high-shrinkage wire
The high shrinkage wire: boiling water shrinkage rate of 35% (so much of the rate of suede).
The Haidao Si: microfiber, single fiber up to 0.138 (produce velvety suede).
Viscose (R) viscose fiber:
1, the chemical composition is the same as with cotton, performance with cotton proximity;
Hygroscopic than cotton good, easy to dye, dyed bright, good color fastness;
3, a low wet strength, dry strength is 40-60%, the elasticity in the wet state, the poor abrasion resistance, viscose woven fabric not washable, poor dimensional stability.
Spinning forms: viscose filament - Rayon - Rayon
Viscose staple fibers - rayon - people cotton
Cellulose acetate acetate fiber
1, the official moisture regain of 6%, semi-hydrophobic fibers;
2, the strength is not good enough, silk-like luster, smooth feel;
3, soft, easily deformed, poor wear resistance;
4, compared with viscose, acetate fiber strength low hygroscopicity, dyeability is relatively poor, feel, elasticity, gloss, warmth than viscose fiber.
Metal filament wire
Stainless steel wire, monofilament specifications 0.035mm-0.28mm
Features: flash, conductive, flame retardant, radiation protection function.
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