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Application of ribbon

Category:Industry News Publish:2013-3-21 11:41:37 Browse:2557 [Back]
Outdoor products industry:
Hiking camping safety belt, backpacks, tents, personal protective equipment.
Sports fitness industry:
Bag for sports, fitness equipment, children's traction rope.
Pet products industry:
Pet traction belt, pet collar, pet belt. ,
Military security industry:
Police fire, parachute harnesses.
Luggage and bags.
Gift box with a hand-held
Luggage, handbags, luggage belt.
Arts and crafts industry:
Camera /MP3/MP4/U disc hanging belt, listing documents tape, ribbon and other key buckle.
Clothing industry:
Watch strap, wrist strap, clothing decorative accessories, belts.
Auto industry:
Automobile safety belt, lifting the industrial.
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