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Ribbon of continuous dyeing

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Continuous pad dyeing dyeing has become the most popular and efficient webbing dyeing process. Webbing dyeing should pay attention to what matters?
Ribbon continuous dyeing precautions:
1 Webbing original billet factors webbing original billet is first of all to note that the yarns are of the same batch, because different batches of the yarn containing the "oil" situation is not the same, such as the blend will become the factors of color in the dyeing process; Secondly, original blank whether pretreatment, refining processing raw billet stain color effect is very good, because the yarn on oil after processing is removed dye can directly contact with the fiber dyeing, there is no protection.
Stained slot (or padder dye vat dyeing machine) roll at both ends of the cylinder pressure Size the uniform factors Ribbon a continuous Rerong dyeing machine rolling cars using pneumatic pressure rollers on each side of a cylinder. When the rolling car running for some time, due to the moisture in the compressed air cylinder pressure across differences, resulting in uneven billet belt with a liquid rate produce side in the color difference. In addition, both ends of the roll padder pressure to produce a certain deflection, resulting in edge in rolling rate inconsistencies will cause the left, the right color difference.
3 the dye tank pressure roll size and concentricity, hardness factors in production, would like to roll to minimize the impact of the pressure on the left, right, chromatic aberration, and webbing dyeing the general roll pressure should be controlled above 0. 2MPa. In the production process due to the roll wear, require periodic calibration repair of the rolls, or easy rolling rolls of different heart I led to inconsistencies suit. The different hardness roll from the rolling rate is not the same as too hard may lead to inadequate absorbing dye may cause too soft rolling rate is too large to produce color dye produces a large number of swimming shift how much hardness was co-decision should be based bands.
Infrared pre-bake temperature webbing polyester webbing after pretreatment and dip dyeing liquid process before entering the hair color box generally have to go through the infrared (line) pre-baking treatment to prevent the drying process dye Swimming shift phenomenon, to avoid color flowers and the pros and cons complexion and poor dyeing defect. When the infrared pre-baking temperature is below 80 ° C, the webbing front and back of the color difference is large, it is difficult to meet customer requirements. When the infrared pre-baking temperature reaches 100 ℃, the webbing of the positive and negative color phenomenon is greatly improved. This is the prebake reach above 100 ℃ basic webbing moisture evaporate, thus greatly reducing the possibility of dye migration. Binding to consider the practice of dyeing production and energy consumption, and an infrared pre-bake temperature controlled at 100 ° C -150 ° C is more appropriate. Production is generally based on the blanks with a variety of thickness and with liquid rate, the billet with liquid with the higher the rate, the higher infrared pre-bake temperature. Actual production, can not rely solely on the infrared pre-baking temperature to control the webbing staining positive and negative chromatic aberration, especially coffee, dark green-sensitive color number, must use with anti-migration agent additives used in order to achieve a good dyeing effect.
5 the influence of the hair color of the fixing temperature of the baking box curing hair color is continuous thermosol dyeing important part, the baking box fixing temperature uniformity on the left, right, chrominance control webbing plays a key role. Polyester webbing into the baking box infrared pre-baking, the need to ensure that the temperature is consistent, otherwise it will produce obvious color difference. The tests showed, the baking boxes left in the right temperature differences of more than 2 ° C, the color of the ribbon significant change. So, dyeing production must ensure uniform baking oven temperature.
6 moisture content of webbing left in the right color difference polyester filament spinning process will add a certain oil to go through to the oil treatment before dyeing. Drying webbing dyeing before treatment generally, the non-uniformity of the surface temperature of the drying cylinder will result in the blanks with a moisture content differences, can cause severe webbing left, right chromatic aberration. Dyed production process in order to avoid the blanks with moisture left in the right color difference, must ensure that the blanks with dip dyeing liquid before completely drying, and regular maintenance of the drying cylinder.
Other factors to produce color production management is concerned, the impact dyeing polyester webbing left, right color difference is mainly the following aspects.
(1) blank with the organizational structure of semi-finished quality fabrics, warp and weft density, warping tension and thickness, and many other differences will cause staining chromatic aberration. Due to the differences of the loom and dyeing machine productivity, resulting in the blanks with different loom production dyeing machine dyeing in the same, or even different batches of the webbing in the same dyeing machine dyeing, the color difference. In order to minimize the impact of differences in the quality of the blanks with the stain color difference, must be coordinated, co-ordinating production plans, the same time do a good job in the blanks with inventory management, and as far as possible "first-in, first-out weaving and dyeing.
(2) machine Management baking box to regularly carry out repair and maintenance of heating equipment (such as heating tube burner, etc.) to ensure the normal operation of the normal heating and temperature control. In the actual production process, but also to maintain the smooth flow inside the duct and filter cleaning. Dyeing machine into the tape device on the blank with tension adjustment is very important, into the dye tank billet with consistent tension, in order to ensure the consistency of it with a liquid rate, in order to ensure consistency of color. Control dyeing machine webbing tension applied is also important. Since the webbing dyeing machine commonly used frequency conversion control to adjust the tension of the dyeing machine, so make sure that each process point of frequency control signal normal, for the failure of the device must be promptly refurbishment.
(3) dyes and dye compatibility with positive and negative selection of ribbon color difference. Different formula to produce the same color, the the Ribbon positive and negative color difference. Generally select sublimation fastness and type (S, SE, E) of the same or similar disperse dyes compatibility staining better. In addition, anti-migration agent, penetrating agent and leveling agent auxiliaries auxiliary use, have a role in control of the dyed color difference, but the rational use.
Integrated above said, we should pay attention to the pressure points (1) roll daily, the baking box fixing temperature uniformity, infrared pre-baking temperature, moisture, anti Swimming mass concentration of the transfer agent and other factors will affect the polyester webbing continuous Rerong color staining. Generally choose a roll pressure of 0. 2MPa, left and right, differences of the baking oven temperature does not exceed 2 ° C, infrared pre-baking temperature of 100 ° C, anti-migration agent concentration does not exceed 15 g / L; blanks with pretreatment drying in order to effectively control the the webbing dyeing aberration. (2) billet with quality, also have important implications in the control of the machine recipe management and dyes dyeing color difference. In the polyester webbing Rerong dyeing production process, want the system to control the consistency of the blanks with quality, timely job in the maintenance and repair of the machine, and the rational use of dyes and auxiliaries, in order to get a good dyeing effect.
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