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Two methods of elastic knitting

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Introduce two kinds of elastic knitting method:
The warp knitted elastic fabric weft insertion method. Warp the crochet or tongue needle under the action of a series of chain, set, weft lining in the chain link, the root of chaining distributed connection belt, rubber wire by chaining flip, or by the two groups of weft clamping. Knitted elastic band can weave all kinds of small pattern, color and scallop, loose texture soft, the raw material used for the majority of nylon stretch yarn, products are mostly used for women's bra and panties.
Woven elastic band called spun fabric elastic band, passing through the spindle on the rubber yarn and press "8" track weaving. The band body lines herringbone, bandwidth is generally 0.3-2 cm, between texture between woven and knitted elastic, varieties monotonous, used for clothing.
That knitting method above is for knitting and weaving elastic band. My company as a professional supplier of the elastic band, over the years by the trust of customers, we sincerely hope that the elastic provided by the band can be for your career help, if you have any questions or intention of cooperation, welcome to contact us, we will provide service for you, make your guests feel at home.
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